Do You Qualify As a “Thought Leader?”

(we shot this video while in the plane to Germany)   This morning we were having breakfast in Hamburg with our German friends that we met 5 years ago in Hawaii when we started this journey [...]


Stop Bragging, Not Everyone Can Live Their Perfect Life…Or Can They?

Happy Marvelous Monday! Yesterday we drove for 9.5 hours from Bend, Oregon to Seattle… ( supposed to take 5 hours) and I am going to be honest… I am sick of Driving……but [...]


Intriguing Island of Lanzarate: Historical Attractions in Lanzarote:

Historical Attractions in Lanzarote: Things to Look Out For As the oldest of the Canary Islands, it’s no wonder that Lanzarote has its fair share of historical attractions and with cheap [...]


Freedom + Entrepreneur = FREEDOM-Preneur

What is a Freedom-Preneur?   A Freedom-Preneur is someone that is in search of a better way of living life and earning a living. Our Freedom-Preneur philosophy is this: 1. You don’t have to [...]


When You Make A Vow To Your Child….Do You Give Up When Times Get Tough?

This picture brings back wild memories!   This is Hanalei Bay, Kauai. The first day of our “Unstoppable Endless Summer Journey”. It is hard to believe that this November 25th [...]


Unstoppable Family Meets Michael Franti

How It All Started “In April, 2013 Michael Franti was scheduled to perform at the Wanee festival in Florida. Before the festival, Michael was contacted by Hope Dezember via Twitter. She [...]


Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? “Our Secret To Living The 4 Hour Work Week”

We hear so many people talking about wanting more freedom, but we also hear others talking about wanting to be an entrepreneur. What if you could have BOTH? I know it sounds crazy, but what we’ve [...]


Evil Goggle Has Done It Again! “How To Survive Gmail’s Promo Tab”

“Majority of contents of this post was provided by Copy Blogger and video from Mike Stelzner”   Did Gmail just kill email marketing? Short answer: No. Longer answer: It’s [...]