When You Make A Vow To Your Child….Do You Give Up When Times Get Tough?

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This picture brings back wild memories!


KauaiThis is Hanalei Bay, Kauai. The first day of our “Unstoppable Endless Summer Journey”.

It is hard to believe that this November 25th will be 5 years that we left San Diego to live a life of choice, freedom and lifestyle by design.

People ask if it was hard to do, or they think that everything has been “Sunshine and Roses” while we have travelled.

Well, the answer is both.

When we found out we were losing our “ass” (excuse the french) and we were part of an enormous Real Estate Fraud Deal…it wasn’t easy to swallow, I will tell you that!

And to make things worse, I had just had a new baby that was 1 year old when we were told the hard truth…that we didn’t protect ourselves enough and that our investment was gone and that our name was on some monster notes…that we could not hold.

So now what?

Do we go back and get a job? Do we go back and live with our parents?


What am I going to do with this vow I made to my little girl? ” I promised to never put her in Day Care…That was my vow”.

Now what do we do?

You live up to what you promised to yourself and to your daughter and make something happen….

and that is what we did.

We got rid of everything we owned except for 4 pieces of luggage and 3 surf boards…and started our life, our dream life.

and this picture is the day we arrived in Hanalei Bay (my daughter’s namesake)

So back to the Question…Is it hard?

Well, I am not going to sugar coat it…

Sure it wasn’t easy packing up and getting rid of everything I owned, and shipping off from my home, but I would never be coming up on 5 years of world travel if I wouldn’t have stepped into the fear and tackled the hard times…

You see sometimes we have to do things that are completely “Crazy” and shake things up to truly find what you want out of life.

We could have stayed and re-built our fortune living in our home in SD…but we would have been locked there for the rest of our lives and would probably be afraid to take anymore risks…….and slowly anchor in and grow roots.

That day we arrived in Hanalei Bay, Kauai…. is the day my life began.


Are you ready to start living.?

To step through the fear and get what you want out of life?

Or are you going to anchor in and accept the cards you are dealt?

I don’t know about you…but I will take “Hard” all day long!


My girlRhonda Swan

Unstoppable Mamma & Freedom Fighter

Join us in this movement of FREEDOM.


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