Momentum [Get More Results With Less Work]

mo•men•tum (moʊˈmɛn təm) n., pl. -ta (-tə), -tums. 1. force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events: a career that lost momentum. 2. Mech. a quantity expressing [...]


Why Do We Call Ourselves “Non-Conformists”?

  “Art of Non-Conformity” should be our familie’s middle name, we beat to our own drum. It happens to be the name of Chris Guillebeau’s amazing first book…..and we were in it! We [...]


Are you going thru a Sh/t storm???

Coming out of one……or about to enter one? Here are a few lessons I learned from Andy Andrews, the author of The Traveler’s Gift over 8 years ago. Do you believe that [...]


How To Bridge The Gap From Idea’s To Reality

A woman’s vision cannot be stopped! But how do you bridge the gap from idea to a reality? I was asking this exact question 8.5 years ago after I realized all the time I spent climbing the [...]


A Weekend in Vegas For Parents

One common perception of Las Vegas is that it’s a destination for single people and “high-rollers” looking to party and gamble all night every night. However, while these [...]


3 Best Tips To Become an Unstoppable Entrepreneur [ 4 Hour Work Week Success Story]

  1.  Mentorship 2.  Time Management 3.  Invest More In Yourself Than You Do On YOur Business I shot this video while staring out at South Lake Tahoe on my 40th Birthday.  I was doing some [...]


“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…& It’s All Small Stuff’

  “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff’ ~Wayne Dyer Have you ever had one of those mornings…. where nothing seems to go as planned? You [...]


Is Creating Your Perfect Day…Everyday Possible?

I was the biggest skeptic when I heard about this concept 8.5 years ago. Little did I know…just a few years later that I would be living my perfect day…everyday. I was the biggest [...]


Unstoppable Success Tip : Defining Your Business Stage: Egg, Caterpillar or Butterfly?

  Breaking out on your own is hard. Just ask anyone that runs their own business, and you can pretty much guarantee that the one answer that will be consistent across the board is that it’s [...]


The Unstoppable Cockroaches? [40th Birthday Straight Talk]

I have been up for an hour now…sitting here looking out over the lake at the mountains here in S. Lake Tahoe. The water is still, with an oily, glassy look to it, no wind, just calmness. [...]

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