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Mobile Office at Pipa Beach Club

Recently we invited you, our readers to ask us ANY question you like! We gathered your burning questions together and here’s our answers!!

1. Debit Cards – do you use these? Are they well excepted travelling for accommodation, car rental etc? I live a life with no credit cards … will I need one when I start my travels?

Credit Cards: If you are traveling the USA and will need a rental car, a credit card will be required. There is only one company that we have found, that will take a debit card to rent a vehicle, but they will also hold $500 off your debit card to use it. There are some companies that will allow a debit card to be used but they will do an instant credit check, if you are from the USA this is an easier process but if you are not from the US they may force you to use a CC.

⁃ Everywhere around the world will accept a VISA logo if they accept credit, but remember most 3rd world countries use primarily cash so your credit will be no good unless you are in a BIG city.

⁃ Pre-paid Credit cards have the VISA logo but are not accepted everywhere, especially at car rental locations. Restaurants and the like are no problem, but not for flights or car rentals.

⁃ We do recommend using credit whenever possible. This will ensure you get an accurate exchange rate and you will have record of your spending. When traveling 3rd world and you are using cash it is important to keep track of your monthly expenditures for tax purposes. Saving receipts and shipping them back to you home country can work, or the easiest is taking a picture of receipts and sending them back to your bookkeeper or assistant for maintaining records.

2. Do you guys hire a car for the period of time you are in spot? or buy? or use public transport/taxi/drivers?

Most places we are in we walk or take public transportation. In Bali we hired motor bikes, since that is the primary form of travel and they were very cheap to rent for the month. Since we stay right on the beach most places we do not require a car, but Hawaii it was mandatory. too many places to see and do that are not within walking distance.

3. How far in advance do you book your accommodations? And any tips for bartering a good price for the long term stays?

Never prepay for long-term rentals: …and we mean, Never Prepay! Since we stay in most locations for 2-4 months we are always looking for a long term deal. So we typically start researching rental properties about a month in advance and start sending out feelers for what we are looking for. My favorite site is (vacation rental by owner) Once we get a response we now know what price they want and their availability for a long term rental, but we never book or pay in advance! I always reply with an email that we run an internet business and the speed is vital for us, so we would like to come and see your home once we arrive to be sure the internet is good enough for us to work. Now that does open the possibility that they will rent the place, but that is ok!! There are always great places to find, but if you think this place is the ONE, give them the same response but ask if they are ok with you paying for the first 2 days to be sure everything is up to your standard and if it is you will commit to a long term rental rate. Our philosophy is that you have a better chance at negotiating when you are in front of someone and it keeps you from getting stuck in a location that you may not like at all. There is nothing like pre-paying for a month to find out the first day the internet is weak and the bar next door jams until 2am every morning! We typically get 50%-70% off the rate listed when you have a chance to come and see the property and speak with the owner. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK “Can you do a little better than that’? They always can.

4. If you had to pick one language to learn that has helped you the most so far, what would you say that is?


6. Will you ever stop travelling?

Well I am sure one day we will find ourselves ready to settle in a spot, but for now we have no plans in site. Most of it will depend on Hanalei, right now traveling to new locations is all she knows but I am sure one day she may want to stay in one place as she is growing with new friends and creating relationships. Right now our favorite place is Bali Indonesia and we have discussed that being our spot when we settle, but there is so much left in the world that our mind may change.

7. Have you come to Australia?

Many times. Hanalei was 6 weeks old when we took our first trip to Australia. Absolutely love the country.

8. What will you do with schooling for your daughter?

For now she has been attending schools in each country that we live in to learn the language and to have child interaction. We also follow an english home schooling program to be sure she stays up to date on her english learning. Currently she is attending school in Brasil that only speaks Portuguese, and she is having no trouble at all. Her spanish background helped quit a bit.

 9. Do you have any more plans to have more children? If so would you keep travelling with more children?

Not at this time. There are so many children in this world that need good homes and families, so we may decide to adopt a child some day, but for now we are happy with our 3 legged table.

10. How do you fit your business in with your travels?

We keep the same schedule everywhere we go. No matter where we are what country or time zone, we stay consistent with our DMO (Daily Method of Operation)

11. What do you take while moving around!!!

We have 1 bag each and a surf board bag. We typically give away everything we have before we leave and re-buy when we get to the next country. Hanalei’s suitcase is mostly toys and stuffed animals she has had since we started.

12. What is the one thing you haven’t done that is just screaming at you to do?

Write a book and Start an Unstoppable Family Foundation.

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  • Keryn

    Rhonda and Brian, I love your honesty and authenticity! Always. Thanks for sharing more insight into your unstoppable life. I am proud to be part of your team. 🙂

    • Brian & Rhonda Swan

      Hola Keryn,
      Thank you for the beautiful words & your honesty and authenticity as well! We are privileged to have you part of our Journey!
      Cheers from Brasil to New Zealand

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