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For the last 2 weeks my daughter Hanalei and I
Have been shooting a video each morning on our
bike ride to school here in Boca’s Del Toro,Panama.

We’re calling it “Wisdom Of The Day with Hanalei”
because we set our intention everyday of how we
want our day and our week to look like.

We scroll through Louise l. Hay’s book called
“Powerful Thoughts 365 Days of Affirmations” and
randomly select one and that becomes our topic of the

Watch The Latest Video Below


We learn from our 6 year old on a daily basis and apply

the wisdom that she teaches us just as much as she does

from us.


I feel eternally grateful for the relationship that I have with

Hanalei and know that we are as close as we are because

I was the primary influence in her life since the day she was



I made a vow ( and set and intention) that I would never

put her in daycare so that I could watch every walk

and experience every word while she was growing up.


People thought I was nuts when I decided to quit my

“Cushy Corporate JOB” but I knew what it would do

for my daughter and our relationship.



I am sharing this with you today to inspire you to

“Set Your Intention”  for yourself & for your family.


You will be amazed at the respect and relationship you

will have from them  when you stop slaving for your BOSS  

and start making decisions for them.


There is a better way…you just have to believe it and find it

like I did.


Have an Unstoppable Day today.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.30.31 PMRhonda & Hanalei Swan

The Unstoppable Girls

Learn about the system that I used to quit my job

be with my daughter everyday Here.

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