Wisdom Of The Day With Hanalei “How To Get 100% on A Test”

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This is a video series that we started with Hanalei to get her confidence on camera and to teach her the value of communication.   She has her own you tube channel that you can subscribe too called “Wisdom of the Day With Hanalei” Subscribe Here.

We will be uploading all Hanalei’s video’s and the wisdom she has learned from traveling.

Here is a video I found that Hanalei recorded on my computer…

Be Unstoppable!
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  • Sandy Lêveque

    Oh my Hanalei you are so endearing to watch! And I love what you shared about team work. It’s so true. “Where 2 or more are gathered”.
    (plus it’s truly inspiring to see someone confident enough to share things on video at your age. I would not have dared to back then. I think it’s awesome you do – keep the videos coming!)

    • Brian Swan

      @sandylveque:disqus thank you much for the kind words. Either Rhonda or I will usually shoot a video with Hanalei on the way to school at least 2 times / week.

  • Elora

    What a little wisewoman! She is so adorable. You have a great kid. 😉 I bet she’s going to accomplish a lot.

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