“Eat Pray Love” Meeting the Medicine Man

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Have you ever read the book ” Eat, Pray, Love: ” by Elizabeth Gilbert
?….  , well in the book she visits this medicine man on a daily basis while she is in Bali to seek out her life’s purpose and what she can expect for herself. Well, I was totally amused by this guy in the book so being in Bali, I wanted to go. I kept talking about it for the first month we were here and still didn’t go..and then SIGN #1….”Eat, Pray, Love
” the movie was being filmed at Padan Padang Beach right by where we were staying on the Bukit Penninsula. Julia Roberts was there and Brad Pitt so the beach was always flocked with onlookers.

Then I met this girl on the airplane, while returning from a business trip from Mexico back to Bali, she had a surfboard and was travelling alone.  We started talking in Taipei Airport and found out that she too was from San Diego, a surfer girl and in seek of “The Medicine Man”  from the book!!!!  Sign #2, I am going to meet this guy.

After our Safari adventure we finally made it to Ketut Liyer’s home.  It was a simple Balanese home, were Ketut and his whole family lived, chicken’s and all.

He spent over 30 minutes with me, reading my palm, legs, back and neck….It seems as though I am very lucky, will be rich and have 3 kids!!  Well, I am in for the first 2 but not so sure about the last (maybe he was including a few animals!!)  Nontheless it was a powerful experience sitting on the floor of this man’s home, while his son’s chicken’s and wife.  At the end, he did a traditional blessing ceremony with chimes and at the end blessed me with rice on my forehead and on the heart chakra.  (For all my Canadian Friends…check out his shirt!  He loves Canada apparently)

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    Is he still alive?

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