When is the last time you took a stand for what you believed in?

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“If you don’t stand up for what you believe in, who will?” ~Anonymous

Always Believe in YOU

Always Believe in YOU


When is the last time you stood up for what you believed in?

Standing up for what you believe in is one of the most important skills you’ll need in life. People in life will always try to knock you down, but as long as you get back up, you’re showing them that you can stand for what you believe in.

I can speak on this topic because I have had to take a stand so many times for what I believed in and want for my life. It isn’t always easy to stand alone, and to have those that you love and care about you say” What the heck are you thinking”? That is ridiculous…

In fact that is exactly what happened 8+ years ago when I told Brian that I didn’t want to put my child in day care, and that I wanted to be home with a family. He told me “Your nuts, that’s what you do”. But I couldn’t see that happening to my or my family, so I had to take a huge stand, and stand alone.

Truly alone…

Do you know how hard that was to have a vision for your life and your family’s life and not have your spouse support you? Even crazier is my friends and family didn’t say much, but they didn’t support my thinking, I could tell by their words and vibrations. My Mom was with me every minute of my life growing up, she was always there, but even she thought I was crazy leaving my 6 figure a year job.

Now if that isn’t enough to have you doubt yourself…I don’t know what is.

But I believed in my vision and took a stand. You see, when you take a stand for what you believe in you give other people hope and belief in their selves, whether they tell you or not. You can change someone’s life by YOU taking a stand.

This is why everyday, I trust in myself, my vision and my inner guidance to keep me moving forward and living my true life. Is it tough sometimes…

Yes, its tough.

But, the rewards you will get for taking a stand and believing in yourself will outweigh any other thing in your life.

Today will you take a stand for what you believe in? or will you allow others opinion’s stop you from living the life you desire?

I would love to hear your success stories and your not so successful one’s…
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Rhonda Swan~ Mamma of the http://www.UnstoppableFamily.com/

Take a stand for your future..its yours.

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Connecting to Source

Connecting to Source

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  • Gordana

    Dear Rhonda !

    Standing up for what you believe!

    You can change someone’s life by YOU taking a stand.

    What a powerful and great worlds. That is exactly what I did need to here. Thank you really appreciate your wise attitude.

    Have an amazing day.


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