What is our typical day like….?

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Hmmmmm, now that depends.  In fact, we just realized the UNSTOPPABLE FAMILY has everything but typical days.

For someone that is working a JOB, they may do similar things everyday…get up shower, have breaky then head to work…work for 8 hours then head home, eat dinner and sleep.

Now for the UNSTOPPABLE FAMILY each day has it’s own mind!!   Now don’t get me wrong, we are very consistant in what we do for business 5 hours a day…but the hours surrounding the work day get rather interesting.

Consistant Daily Activities:

  • Wake up and put on Business Suite (Bathing Suit)
  • Breaky by 10am (omlette’s, baked beans & fruit)
  • Jump in the pool for a swim
  • Say Bula 30-40 times in a day
  • Hanalei plays at kids club
  • Income Producing Activities

In-Consistant Daily Activities:

  • Frog Racing every Monday night
  • Hula show’s
  • Horse rides on the beach
  • Glass of wine at 12…because we can.
  • Rugby matches with our sponsored team
  • Kava nightb
  • Bounty nights
  • Swano DJ’s at our Resort night Club
  • Dance Parties under the moon
  • Hanalei dances with the local village

We can’t make this stuff up!!  We have realized that we “ARE LIVING” and enjoying every second that life presents to us.  I have finally accepted that we are NOT normal!!!!  The UNSTOPPABLE FAMILY lives…we truly live, and we are so grateful for it!

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  • Francis A

    I have to go on vacation to get your “Typical Day” and live for them!! I love the glass of wine cuz we can kind of attitude!! Keep having fun and blogging because I love being in Fiji and all the fun places that you take me to!! Great Blog 🙂

    • admin

      I love having a glass of wine because I can!! XOXO

  • Amanda

    Im all for the “Kava nightb.” I love it and cant wait to enjoy it in the South Pacific.

    I’m 27, single and have o dependents. Everyday my mind races with ideas of what I can do to be closer and closer to living my bliss.

    You are an inspiration. I watch your videos to get pumped up.


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