What is a Freedom-Preneur?

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What is a Freedom-Preneur?

There is a movement happening right now in the world…. we call it, “Freedom-preneur”

Our family has been traveling around the world since 2008 and have been online entrepreneurs for over 10 years now. We work for ourselves though we don’t work alone.

http://freedompreneurvideobook.com/ visit our site to download our free book.

3 years ago we were at a crossroads in our lives…asking these very questions:

* Are we making a difference in the World?
* Are we raising our child properly?
* Are we passionate about what we do?
* Are we doing it this…just to make a living?
* How will we be remembered?

There was a defining moment back in April of 2012 while visiting family back Michigan that just hit us like a ton of bricks.

From this day forward…we are coming from a world of giving all while being powerful entrepreneurs.

This video is just the beginning of where our Tribe of “Freedom-preneurs” are going.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or just send a private message to us.

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