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Life is too short #BeUnstoppableI was interviewed for “What is a Freedom-preneur” podcast
the other day by an amazing couple, Rob & Janelle Alex….

…who wanted to Speak about being a “Freedom-preneur”

as we’ve been traveling as a Family for the past 7 years,
all while working online…

Here’s a few of the many Topics we discussed…

  • How did Rhonda & I leave our 6 figure Corporate Jobs?
  • 2007 real estate crumble….and losing everything
  • Wayne Dyer & Deepak Chopra – our phone Conversation
  • Unstoppable Kids program
  • Our relationship & working together under 1 roof
  • …and a few more 🙂


Mission Date Night

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Cheers from Bali 🙂

Brian & Rhonda Swan

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