We celebrate our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary in Puerto Rico

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Today we celebrate our seven year wedding anniversary in Puerto Rico! It was seven years ago that we got married in Hanalei Bay and we now have a beautiful three year old daughter called Hanalei. We also celebrated our two year anniversary of our trip around the world on Turkey Day, Thanksgiving!

This is a 7 Year Happy Anniversary (2 Years traveling) video to my beautiful wife, Rhonda Swan, while surfing solo with head high waves on the morning of Nov 28th, 2010 in Rincon, Puerto Rico!


Brian Swan

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  • anna martin

    Happy Anniversary guys!!! I is a pleasure having you all here at Casa Por Fin Dogmans beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico. Hope you get to ride those BIG waves at Tres Palmas before move on! Enjoy your stay. Anna and Steve

    • Brian & Rhonda Swan

      Thank you Anna,

      We are loving your home. Stay tuned for the video we will be posting of our stay in your fabulous home. Casa Por Fin at Dogman’s.

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