Watch Create Your Perfect Day until 8th January 2012!

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2012 is YOUR year. Check out this video I shot from the top of Sugarloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a gorgeous view of Copacabana.

Create your perfect day every day in 2012

Every day in 2012 should be your Perfect Day, so make sure you watch Brian’s inspirational video “How to Create Your Perfect Day”. The video is available as the top of this website until 08th January 2012 so you have four more days to watch it for free!!!

How to Create Your Perfect Day is a simple exercise to help you establish what your ideal day would look like. Simply click on the button to download the pdf with the list of questions you’ll need to ask yourself, then press play on the video.

Rhonda's office at the Cosmic Crab Cafe in Bocas del Toro

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  • Helen

    mm what do I love about the Swans….They are very successful, however still have time for everyone else – they are not your ‘typical’ successful people, who very often don’t have the time or the inclination to talk to you unless your in ‘their league’. I have met and talked to Rhonda a couple of times, at a Synergy event in Sydney and at a BT event in Fiji where she interviewed me for a Fresh Start call as I had made it to Fiji very LAST minute. They are what I would call ‘very humble’. Plus they are always Very entertaining… Keep it Up Rhonda and Brian – as you Americans say ‘You Rock’ ;0)

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    […] Watch this video. It is also a great tool to help you write your ideal life. These are questions you can ask yourself to help create your ideal life. Write it all down.Writing makes your thinking visable.You can change it or add to it whenever you want. […]

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