Wake Up Tahoe!!! Our Debute On The Morning Show..Be Ready to Crack Up!!

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Wake Up Tahoe!

Wake Up Tahoe!

What a treat we had this morning on May 6th, 2013.

We were invited to be guest on “Wake Up Tahoe” Morning Show with Drew and Adra. ( Go Like Their Page)

After living here for the last 5 months, putting our cards up at Grass Roots Health food Store  and then showing up on Adra’s Facebook Timeline….the coincidence was too much…She had to find out who the heck we were, and we are glad she did.

We arrived on set an immediately fell in love with Adra and her contagious smile, then rolls in Drew….”boy wonder” I would call him because he is not only dashingly handsome but freakishly funny…( just how we like them)  All jokes aside, these 2 are great and love South Lake Tahoe, just watch the show and feel the passion.

We had the opportunity to share our adventures, experiences and be totally “Us”.  Un heard of in a morning show?  I agree, that is why we love Tahoe so much! Everyone accepts you for you, what a concept.


We had the opportunity to share our thoughts on “Law of Attraction” for the “Mystical Monday’s” segment, and Brian offered his “Create Your Perfect Day”  Video for everyone to enjoy.   Whether you believe it or not…Your thoughts are things, and create an outcome.  Be aware of what you think about…because those thoughts will become your reality.

Enjoy the show!  Please go over to the “Wake up Tahoe”  Fan Page give it a LIKE and then tell them what you thought of the show…and say hit to Dreu and Adra from the Unstoppable Family!

We will be enjoying this gorgeous location until July, then we are off to Spain.  Please say hi if you see us in town….

Be Unstoppable!







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  • Anna Dabrowska

    You are the best family I ever saw!

    • Rhonda

      Thank you Anna! We are so excited to work with you..and even more excited that you have already earned your investment back! Way to go .

    • Rhonda

      Thank you Anna! We are so happy to work with you.

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