How A Vision Can Become Your Reality? [Case Studies]

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visionLA powerful vision can turn your world upside down!

I receive emails and posts on Facebook of people that have turned their life around because they identified what their vision and purpose was to the world.   With Vision, Purpose and Passion you become a different person, you become one that is in search of more than just settling for the mundane life that so many get stuck in and making decisions to have it.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” ~Carl Jung 

Vision is ultimately about knowing the result you want and being willing to make difficult choices to achieve that result. It means compromising on choices, masking your ideals, exerting inhuman levels of patience, and being able to see what’s in your path so that you can tell the difference between a choice that feels right and a choice that gets you the long term results that you want.

Read that again…” a choice that feels right and a choice that gets you the long term results that you want”

This is where most people get stuck. When you have a vision, you must make choices that may not feel good today, but you know will pay off tomorrow.

To me, vision is being able to see where you’re going, to see what’s up the road ahead, in both literal and figurative senses. It’s being able to see the potholes before you drive the car into them, being able to skillfully navigate.

The problem facing most businesses and people today, to continue the car analogy, is that most people are driving using the rear window to navigate. They’re steering based on where they’ve been, and maybe, just maybe they catch a glimpse out the side windows for what’s happening to them right now. They don’t know where they’re driving, they can’t see the sharp turn in the road ahead, and they believe that past is prologue, that biography is destiny.

Most important, vision is about knowing where you’re going, so that you know if you’re there, and even more vital, knowing if you’re off course and not any closer to your goal.

Do you have a vision? or are you waiting for inspiration from someone that has vision?

Today look at what you want in your future for your life, your family and your business.  Close your eyes and meditate on what you want it to look like, open your eyes, and then write it down.   Now take the first steps toward reaching that goal, just as Lao-Tzu says ” The Journey of a thousands miles, begins with a single step”.

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This is a video I received today from Horacio Gallegos on his vision and how his life changed when he became ultimately clear on what his vision was and then took deliberate action to get there.

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I hope this post inspired you to take action toward your vision.

Be Unstoppable Today!

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