Can You Have UNSTOPPABLE Success at 40?

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Ok, so I have never been one to tip toe around a subject… here  I go.

I will be 40 on June 3rd !!    Yep 40.  Now, this post is not about me aging or if I am freaked out about turning the ripe ole’ age of 40..not at all.

This post is about experiences that you have up to this fabulously wise age and how you can use these experiences to confidently move on in any time in your life.  Enjoy the video, and the 7 Tips….

Feel free to leave a comment below too!

7 Steps to Achieving Unstoppable Success

1 – Data acquisition – emotions, current results, pertinent information

2 – Analysis – determining what it all really means

3- Planning – creating a path to follow with details and measurements

4 – Execution – taking action and doing it

5 – Refinement – tweaking until it works

6 – Resiliency – don’t give up until you succeed and achieve your goals

7 – Resourcefulness – learn to do the most with what you have or find other ways…. no matter what

Now it’s time to relax, enjoy and allow whatever is going to happen…happen… and go out and love each moment..whether your 20, 30 or 4o.

Rhonda Swan


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  • Heather Martens

    Great tips Rhonda! Thanks for yet again another amazing video with huge value!! And yes… never burn a bridge has always been huge for me. You just never know when you might need that person or they may have something to offer you.
    Cheers to you too!

    • Rhonda

      Heather, so true..we were put on this earth to build and pick each other up, and at the end of the day going to bed knowing that you have peace around you allows me to rest easy.

  • Todd Swan

    It was nice getting up this morning and seeing that a new video was already waiting for me (us). I love the breakdown of steps. It’s a good reminder to keep focused on today rather than worries about the future or dwelling on the past.


    • Rhonda

      Isn’t that the truth Todd! Everything we have done up to this point has gotten us where we are today…so what can we do today to make our future roll up effortlessly?

  • marlene

    you always seem so uplifting sore tooth and all i am 53 trying to reinvent myself any suggestions thanks

    • Rhonda

      Thanks Marlene. A few questions…what is the most important goal you wat to accomplish before your 55?
      I am open to help in anyway, let me know what you are looking for.. Advice, business, mentorship, personal development?

  • Joey Pappin

    Hey Rhonda! Thanks for the great tips! Wonderful to see you, sore tooth and all. It is important that we always shake off the things that knock us down and pick ourselves up and just keep moving forward. We always will see things from the worst possible angle in the middle of the sh*t storm so having those resources that will help you to simplify your perspective is super helpful and a real blessing! You are so awesome! Keep all these great tips and reflections coming! Hugs!

  • Amber Clarke

    Hey Rhonda,

    This is just what I needed to get myself back on point!! Yeah, I was kinda stuck on the insecurity that someone I used to know keeps taking my ideas and utilizing them in her own business. But then, I began reading Wayne Dyer’s book “The Shift” again and had an epiphany!! It was so awesome! It went something like this, “My anger toward this person for wanting to follow my ideas for inspiring others is not benefiting me or anyone. Those ideas are not hers or mine, but come from the Divine and should be shared with anyone willing to accept them. We do not have ‘possession’ of ideas. Our ego only want us to believe that we do and that’s why we tend to get upset when someone else has a similar or even THE SAME idea that was in our hearts.”

    We are ALL connected and everything we think, do or DON’T do, can effect everything else. We come from Oneness and if we imagine that we’re free from all labels, all separation, and all judgements, we can begin to understand that oneness!! My success tip of the day is: Remember our oneness and that all of our ideas and our creations come from this source (the Divine) and we don’t ‘own’ them. Then, there’s no reason to be upset. 🙂 Make today magnificent!! Xoxo!


    • Rhonda

      Amber this is such a wonderful comment from you. I know how you were feeling down about the whole situation and I am so glad you found clarity. Wayne Dyer is my ultimate favorite for putting us back in the right space.

      XOXO Keep Dancing lovely lady

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