Unstoppable Rockstar Family Starts A 2 Year Trip Around The World

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After my 1st trip to Europe with my father when I was 13, I dreamed of traveling the world!
This is a dream where I could stay at any hotel or villa my mind could dream up.
You know that complete rockstar status travel lifestyle where you travel without a single
care in the world and your mind is so free because you are not worrying about a work schedule or how much anything costs. We have been blessed to have the income and a portable business that allows us to travel the world the way I dreamed of as a young adult.

I really didn’t see this as a viable option till around 65 or so after retirement from my job as an engineer before. Now, I am free from a job as an engineer and limited income pot’l as an engineer. Don’t get me wrong, I was making 6 figures as an engineer, but just not enough to travel the world like rockstars.

So with the freedom of our business, we decided to take a 2 year trip around the world. We have already completed 1 year of our journey and have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, Bali, thusfar. We decided most people are never going to get a chance do what we are currently doing so why not share our adventure with the world. We always have our camera with us so we will share all the cultures and people we meet along the way.

So I invite you to escape from your regular surroundings and join us for 5 to 10 minutes / day as we travel the world. We are going everywhere from the biggest cities in the world to the smallest 3rd world countries you might not of even heard of. We will be keeping everyone updated via Twitter , Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and of course here on the unstoppablefamily.com. We invite you to leave comments and ask any question you please.


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