Day 1 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” [Proving The Muse]

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Day 1 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping”

We will be posting a video each day for the next 20 days to prove that you can

“Work From NO Home”, just like we have for the last 8.5 yrs.

Here’s a quick video we shot yesterday from

the road where we just departed Lake Tahoe

and on our way to Santa Cruz, CA.

Road Trippin

Road Trippin


There is nothing like having the FREEDOM to

take a road trip with your family to bond, visit friends

and enjoy the time while we are still in the USA, since we

are departing for Spain in August.

We are so ready to head out again and get back to exploring

different cultures in Europe.


The 4 Hour Work Week…Pushed Us Over The Edge

In his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim proposes that we shift our focus from end-of-life “macro” retirements to more frequent mini-retirements, which might be spaced throughout a working career.

Though similar to a vacation or a sabbatical, mini-retirements differ in some key ways:

  • A sabbatical is a one-time event. Mini-retirements are meant to recur throughout a lifetime.
  • A vacation is short, and often involves a tourist lifestyle with little immersion in a new way of life.
  • A mini-retirement is long (one to six months), and allows one to fully participate in his new environment.

He also talks about finding a “Muse”, nothing more than a business that can generate income without consuming time.

It’s basically an automated system or a business that  “work’s for you” while you are traveling, …

or as we call it Work From No Home“. 

When we read Chapter 9 in the 4HWW we realized we had already had a “MUSE” that we used to replace our

income’s back in 05′, so why couldn’t we take it on the road?

No reason…not too.

And that is exactly what we di and shoved off on November 25th, 2008 and have been traveling ever since.


Have you been looking to find a way to “Work From NO Home”  or to find a muse that will allow you

to take a mini retirement, like Ferriss talks about?  If you have and have not found the right solution

we may be able to help!

Take a look at the “Muse” that we are using to generate money while we road trip or travel the world

fully automated…

See here =>

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Whether you work with us or not isn’t the point….it is about going after the dreams you have and finding a way

to make it happen!!

Keep track of our 20 Day Road Trip on our FaceBook fan page:


Brian & Rhonda Swan







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    Wow very awesome Unstoppable family, I totally will be on Brian’s adventure virtually all the way Thank you!
    Gus Ceja

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