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I’ve long been a proponent of using the Hero’s Journey as a framing device for presentations, communications plans and emails. The structure – especially when conveying new and complex information – really helps to drive discussion and clarity. When I read the “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell

So I decided to take Campbell’s Hero’s Journey method and create my version for writing Unstoppable Stories for your business in the form of “The Super Hero’s Journey” this is a marketing mono-myth is you will that takes you through the steps of creating your own Hero’s Journey for your marketing efforts and set you away from the same marketing messages that fill the internet.

For those not familiar, the Hero’s Journey it can be broken down into 12 steps below.

The Super Hero’s Journey takes each step into account but brings them together to simplify the process, to take your story telling to newer heights.

Step 1: The Ordinary World We find our hero in their everyday, regular, normal world.
Step 2: Call to Adventure Someone (or something) presents our hero with a challenge. In business, this can often be thought of as the initiative or proposal.
Step 3: Refusing the Call This is the expression of reservations about the project. Every project needs some risk and this step helps identify it.
Step 4: Meeting with the Mentor A meeting with a mentor to get advice or special help.
Step 5: Crossing the Threshold The hero leaves the ordinary world and enters the next phase. This is often the initiative approval stage.
Step 6: Tests, Allies & Enemies The hero and team face small challenges and form alliances. This can be the longest chapter of the story, often where the original team or goals shift.
Step 7: The Approach This is the final steps getting to the core problem. The final team is in place, the final skills sharpened.
Step 8: The Ordeal The central “life and death” conflict. This is the make or break moment and, in business, can be thought of as the product launch.
Step 9: The Reward This is the hero’s personal reward and how they’ve changed as a result of the journey so far. Personal growth, recognition and success are often rewards.
Step 10: The Road Home The realization that the job might not quite be done. Success in Step 8 can often yield its own problems. This is often the most dangerous phase as the hero and company seek final resolution.
Step 11: The Resurrection The climax. Another life and death moment. Now, the hero, armed with their reward, faces one final battle for the benefit of all.
Step 12: Sharing Elixir/The New Normal The hero returns to the ordinary world and shares the “elixir,” – something that has changed the way the ordinary world operates and sets up a new “normal.”

Another way to think of the Hero’s Journey is to use the following simple structure:

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day____. One day ____ Because of that, ____. Because of that____. Until finally____.



It’s also critical to understand where you are in the story and how much you’ll be conveying through the messages you’re working. For instance, you may only have a few steps that your particular communication conveys, but as you grow in your process you will include more steps and more details to your journey.

This process has taken online marketers to a whole new understanding of marketing and sharing their story to entice the reader to want more, this is has been a huge breakthrough for connecting with your audience and has allowed our tribe and our students to step out of the sea of marketers and be different in the eyes of the public.

Once you go through the process of creating your Hero’s Journey you will begin to see the difference in your following and your response to your marketing.


Rhonda Swan~ Unstoppable Momma

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  • Regina Van de Velden

    what a perfect precursor for the training tomorrow. looking forward to it.

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  • Stephen Moody

    This was very valuable, thank you for sharing.

    • Brian Swan

      You are very welcome, Mr. Moody 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Brilliant. We are so blessed to have you!

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      What’s life without the Traveling Dogs…..woof!

  • Scott Vento

    Need to study this one, not just read it! Thanks for sharing it!

    • Brian Swan

      The pleasure is all ours 🙂

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