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Hanalei on a speed boat in Panama

The other day we posted a video of Hanalei telling us what she’d learned about the Panama Canal when we visited the Panama Canal itself. We find travel is a great form of education for Hanalei because she has been learning languages like Spanish and Indonesian, playing with children from different cultures and backgrounds, getting exercise from activities like surfing or swimming, and seeing things that she would only learn about in a text book. Best of all, she is having fun and getting to spend time with her family, whilst learning at the same time.

The post prompted some comments about the wonders of  ‘Unschooling’ on Facebook, which got us to thinking about the route of Unschooling and what it actually is.

The idea of ‘Unschooling’ is to learn without going to school and going through the formal education process- instead the child learns through natural life experiences. Whereas kids in school are led by a teacher and a traditional curriculum with grades and scores, ‘unschooled’ children are encouraged to lead their own activities and learning, supervised and by a parent.

Unschooled kids learn through interacting with people, taking part in hands on activities, playing games, exploring and doing things that naturally interest and excite them.

Unschooling is a form of Home Schooling, but whereas home schooling usually follows the curriculum that a child would follow in school, unschooling is usually based on life experiences. Fans of unschooling say children have a natural curiosity to learn and should be encouraged to learn for themselves instead of following a set, structured form of study.

If you’ve brought up a child through Unschooling, we’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts about it. Or perhaps you are travelling with children too and find travel a great way for kids to learn…either way we’d love you to share your stories!

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  • Tara Mauger

    I’m sooooo excited that you have discovered ‘life learning’ aka unschooling! I can’t recommend it enough! When i first came across you (the unstoppable fam) I knew straight away that unschooling would suit your life style, its life transforming for children and their parents!

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