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IMG_1845This video was shot during the “UNSTOPPABLE All In Mastermind” held in Orlando October 23-28th, right before Empower Networks Regional Event kicked off.

I decided to bring our people together to get some bonding time and to get down and dirty about the details of being successful in their businesses and  what it takes to be an UNSTOPPABLE LEADER

We had 18 people stay in an 8 bedroom house about 15 minutes from Disney and Universal (see pics) and it was epic!    People came from Sydney Australia, Canada, Alaska and all over the USA, I even flew in from Spain.

Our Mastermind Day was Thursday.   Jin Hua, the “Jedi Manifestor” opened up the morning with mindset mastery and got everyone in the right headspace to take on a full day of training.

Since my specialty is Branding, I started with helping everyone identify their core message to determine their branded message.  We dove deeply into identifying target customers and creating a message that speaks to their customers, identify’s their problem and then solves it.


Next was video content and structuring.  So many people shoot video for their business and leave their customers hanging because they don’t use a simple structure.   HOOK, BODY & CTA has to be on every single video or you will lose customers left and right.

To close out the day we had a bonus speaking Robert Mercado join the group.  Robert is an expert in social media marketing, he shared nuggets that the group ( including myself) never heard of.  Robert and his wife Allie joined us for the whole day.

The end of the day the whole “Tribe” prepared and cooked dinner together to end the mastermind with love, connection and a vision for the future.  We even had one of the group, Sharmaine fire dance for us in the evening, and of course we had to go to Universal for the day!

This experience of having the ALL -IN House is a true stepping stone to great things yet to come for our team.  We have a vision to create

100 millionaires in the next 5 years.  And the only way that is going to happen is if we are crystal clear with our goals and intentions and assist our group in anyway we can.

The next Unstoppable ALL IN Mastermind will be in Miami from January 27-Feb 1st.   The mastermind will have new trainers and a new group of eager participants awaiting their future.

Find out more about our program  you can go here:

More about my branding workshop I host virtually every month go here:

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