Top Reasons People Give Up on Their Dreams

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The Common Reasons People Give Up On Their Dreams?

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

1. It Got Hard – Yes, it’s true. Everything that requires work is instantly going to weed people out of the flock. We desperately want success to be easy – that’s the allure of the lottery, or even diet pills. There is a hope that maybe you could be instantly rich, or instantly have a great body….both most often require a lot of hard work. When some people discover this, they simply give up. The people who don’t, get the rewards. Be the person who perseveres.

2. You Got Scared – No one likes to fail, but you watch a few people flail and now you don’t even try. You don’t want the perceived humiliation or the risk. You doubt yourself. You stop taking chances, and decided to stick with something ‘safe.’ That ‘safe’ job might bore the tears out of you…but you know you will always have ‘enough,’ and you don’t fear failure.

3. You Got Discouraged – Let me give it to you straight. Most of your peers do not want to see your succeed. They will ask you ‘why are you doing this?’ or give you reasons to just give up, not be working, or distracting you. People want you to be ‘stuck,’ like them, or to make life ‘easier’ for yourself by just stepping into the grind and resigning. Successful people don’t listen to this…they’re on a mission.

4. You ‘Settled’ – This, to me, is the nail in the coffin of dreams: The moment you just resign and say…’Well, this is good enough.’ You justify it by saying things like you ‘have to grow up’ that maybe you have  a mortgage, and now you find reasons in life to stop this ‘nonsense’ of chasing your dream. Settling in any area of life steals a little bit of your soul. Did you ‘settle’ for the person you married? Your job? Your income?

Chances are, in every area you ‘settled,’ you are unhappy, or secretly wishing for something different.   You no longer deserve to feel this way, be empowered to take action everyday and learn how to share your experiences using a blog just like this.


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