Top 5 Tips To Traveling With Kids and Enjoying it!

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lugIn this video I give you my top Tips to Traveling with Kids!

My daughter Hanalei was 1.5 years old when we started our Unstoppable journey and let me tell you, kids are ultra adaptable.  The picture to the left was us in Nicaragua crossing the border from Costa Rica.

We had 8 bags when we started, the local guys would go GAGA or us because they knew these “American’s”  would need their help.  Today we travel with 1 each, and donate almost everything we own before we go to the local kids and then buy the essentials when we arrive in a new country.

Now, most parents would probably freak out with having a 2.5 yr. old little girl running around at the border of Nicaragua and create fearful energy within their kids so they would also be afraid.   We decided to take the opposite route and to take a deep breath and to enjoy the whole process.  And you know what?    It was amazing, and so was Hanalei and the local kids she was playing with while we waited at the border.

So go out and do it, you will be so happy you did and the life lessons you learn along the way with your child will not compare to any formal education.

This is part of a video series we shoot each day with Hanalei on the way to school. We call it “Wisdom of The Day With Hanalei” where she shares her wisdom and experiences as a traveling child.

Below are my top tips for traveling with kids.

1. Kids are Adaptable

We’ve travelled across borders, walking the border from Costa Rica into Nicaragua with Hanalei when she was only 2 years old, flown 22 hours when she was 6 weeks old, hiked Machu Picchu when she was 3, lived in Bali when she was 2 and have traveled on planes, trains, busses, bikes and on foot.   It was crazy, but kids are so adaptable and they love the adventure!

2. Get a Teddy Bear

The best way to travel with a young child is to get a big, huge, fluffy teddy bear. There’s a reason why (not just so they can cuddle it!). It’s because in the airplanes it can be really hard and rigid, and kids always want something comfortable to sleep on, and they’re too small. So the fluffy teddy bear becomes their booster seat, their protection and their bed inside the airplane.

3. School

Hanalei started going to different cultured schools from the age of 2. Her first school was in Bali, Indonesia. Putting kidsIMG_7814 into an environment of learning a language is the best thing you can do, so when we get to a country we start communicating with the people we meet. We talk to other expats with children, and find out where they are sending their kids to school. The best thing that I could have ever done was putting Hanalei into a school that teaches Bahasa (an Indonesian language) and also a school that teaches Portuguese. She already had a foundation in Spanish and I was a little nervous as Portuguese is completely different, but she was unbelievable. She never once had an issue with learning the language. So get them a foundation of the language you are going to be around for at least a year.  She is now almost fluent in spanish and attends an expatriate school here on a little island in Panama called Tangerine Education Center.

4. Finding a Home

With kids you want to look at where the homes are located. When we get to a new city we book a nice hotel in the area we want to live in for about 3 days, so that we can look around for accommodation. I typically use and I start asking them questions about a month in advance, letting them know I have a child and discovering whether the house is suitable for my daughter. For example if you have a young child you might need to make sure the pool is blocked off, or if its an older child you might want to check there is a space that they can have fun in. Sometimes you need to be close to a stores because kids often need things in the middle of the night!


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  • Regina Van de Velden

    “mom lost her phone” … hehe.. loving these daily wisdom of the day videos =)

    • Brian Swan

      @reginavandevelden:disqus…..just 1 of many Mommy iPhones in iPhone heaven 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Great Tips Rhonda… refreshing and unique ones!! Always love her wisdom of the days 🙂

  • Scott Stembridge

    Thanks girls, must show this to our daughter Emily, great takeaways for her too!

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    Great tips from the experts!

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  • Angela Stembridge

    Great tips Rhonda, will remember when we travel with our kids!

  • Tanya Patxot

    I love this. This is so awesome. I love how you are building on her gifts and what God placed inside of her. You are nurturing it and conditioning her mind early. WOW you are an inspiration.

    • Brian Swan

      Appreciate your message and glad you’re digging into our UF blog, @tanyapatxot:disqus . Is there anything you would like to see us cover in the future?

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        Yes actually. How you get your daughter involved in walking out her dream and doing her YOUTUBE videos, Balance in your life. A look into your day. what organizations you are involved in and give to whether time or money. More of what you experience overseas and travel that inspire you in your business. HAHAH is that a start hahah

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          @tanyapatxot:disqus a great place to start is with our Freedom-preneur e-Book:

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            O I got it already ahahaha I am all over it Of course I will. You want a video, written you tell me I’ll support

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            @tanyapatxot:disqus what do you feel more comfortable with….written or video….or combo?

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