Tim Ferris Four-Hour Work Week

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Does the Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week work? The Unstoppable Family believes it does. In this video I offer a testimonial from the beach in Puerto Escondito, Mexico, whilst my husband Brian went in for a surf. I personally thank Tim Ferris for writing the book Four Hour Work Week, which resonated with me and encouraged me to change my way of life. I took the book seriously and decided that I didn’t want to work every single day to put my child in daycare and have a few days holiday once a year. I was that corporate business woman, working all hours to pay for material things. Now we live a life of simplicity with a portable business that allows us to live anywhere in the world. So thank you Tim Ferris!

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  • Espree

    Just got off the phone with Brian. What a quality person!!! He and his family have truly inspired me to push forward to achieve a four hour work week.

  • Rhonda Swan

    I love how Brian comes up and says “Stoked” . Classic Swano

  • Zablon Mukuba

    its great you have a portable business and you can work anywhere and above all be your own boss

  • Corinna White

    Go Rhonda! Tim Ferris changed my life too. I realised ‘my business was my cheesecake’ & have never looked back! Good man, great book, now relaxed and living my passion! How I laughed when it hit me! Mini retirement looming! Got some goals I’m driven to hit first! Corinna xx

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