The Unstoppable Family hits Europe!

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Hola from Spain!

We have started the European leg of the Unstoppable Family’s Endless Summer Journey and are currently in San Sebastian, Spain, where we will be living from now until the end of Hanalei’s school year.

From the US we flew to Germany where we visited Hamburg then Munich. We tried sausage at a German market and had a go at surfing the Eisbach river. We also got to visit our German friends who were the very first couple we met back in 2008 when we started our journey in Hanalei Bay!

Unstoppable Family in Germany

Surfing the Eisbach Germany

We then hit up Barcelona in Spain for a few days, where we caught up with our good friend Jubril and partied in the streets!

Unstoppable Family in Barcelona Spain

Unstoppable Family in Barcelona

Hanalei On the Beach in Barcelona

On our European leg of our Unstoppable Journey….

It is hard to to believe that it has been almost 5 Years that we departed San Diego, California and set off on our trip around the World.

The funny thing is that we set off on a 2 Year trip…and then realized that we’ve barely scratched the surface of seeing this beautiful world….so we kept going.

It is so weird to think that just a few days ago we were in Germany and 5 days before that Bend, Oregon, and 3 weeks before that Tahoe, then Denver, then Michigan, then San Diego, then Panama, then Brasil, then Peru, then Mexico, then Nicaragua, then, Costa Rica, Then Fiji, then Bali, then Hawaii then…

San Diego, where this whole idea came to thought.

That was only a short 4 years and 9 months ago that we made the decision to start traveling after coming out of a horrible financial downfall of bad investments after another and look where we are now.

One of our mentors Mark Hoverson says “We are just seconds away from a quantum leap in our lives” but we have to “BE PRESENT” to experience it.

You see, we will all go through some heart ache or difficult times in our life…thats just life. But it is up to us on whether we use it as a stepping stone to grow from or allow the difficult times to anchor us down.

When we allow the difficult times to anchor us, we remove ourselves from that “Present Moment” and all the learning and growing that should come from that time is overlooked because we are too focused on “WHY ME” instead of


It’s in that moment that you ask yourself “WHY NOT ME” is when your awareness of the lessons that come from each experience present themselves to you.

This is that present moment where you welcome the “quantum leap” of growth and success into your life.

So as we reflect on the last 4 yrs and 9 months of ups, down’s and all arounds, we present to the lessons, the experience and the guidance we have gotten from them.

We believe everything is put in front of us to make us who we are supposed to be in this world.  We believe in taking those experiences and lessons and becoming our best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

So let’s leave you with this thought today…

“Go Out And Be Your BEST You To This World, Take The Lessons That Are Laid In Front Of You And Be Present To the Quantum Leap That About To Happen”


The Unstoppable Family~ from Barcelona, Spain

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