the “Pain Funnel” via Natural Selling

 In 4 Hour Work week

Thank you much for all your amazing comments for those

that joined me Live for the “Pain Funnel” training.


I’ve had many of you ask for the replay…..

you ask and you shall receive 🙂


I will have this Up for the next Day…so be sure to watch it now


Replay of “Pain Funnel”:


Even with the Power Outage on Friday….the Show went on 🙂

****If you’re wondering about how things went down, i’ve included Friday’s email below*****

Let’s rewind….I woke up around 5am this morning here in Bali….

I brewed up a pot of coffee 🙂

kissed my lovely wife, Rhonda, as she just

came down the stairs…


…and Bam, no Electricity!


No worries…living in 3rd world countries

around the world, we’re pretty used to it.


Typically, it’s usually for  just 10 to 20 minutes

with the lights out….no worries!


Well, after about 2+ hours the electricity finally zapped

back on…and I’m ready to roll with the training I rescheduled

for today…..the “Pain Funnel


Here’s the challenge….it’s past 9 here

which means we should be Live and I was just

able to set up the GotoWebinar registration link.


So here’s what I’m going to do…..let’s go Live at 11pm EST (New York)


Replay of “Pain Funnel”:


****Disclaimer – pic below is for shock value only…let me know if it worked 🙂 ****

Pain Funnel screenshot


If you joined us yesterday for our Tribe Hangout,
then you realized we had a special guest join us,
hence why this “Pain Funnel” training is today.
Jubril Agoro aka (Mr. Think Outside the Box)
jumped on a did an impromptu Hangout with the boys!
BTW….he’s 1 of the most sought after Facebook PPC
marketers on the planet and we’ve generated
7+ figures together in a short time 🙂
and a few boys from our Tribe such as…
*  Nathan B. (24 year old Kiwi plumber – now 6 figure + online marketer)
*  Justin V. (7 Figure + online earner and podcast rockstar)
Hangout replay …. watch it before it disappears 🙁

OK…..back to why I’m sending this out 🙂
Cheers from Bali….
Brian Swan

P.S….Want a peak into our upcoming Bali – Unstoppable Mastermind event
P.S.S.  We have 1 spot available for the Bali Mastermind starting in 6 days….
If you’ve been on the fence about attending, this will be your last chance
Sending a reply message back if you are serious on attending….we will schedule an interview.
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