The Death De-fying slide…

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If you have ever been to a 3rd world country you would know the safety regulations for slides are not a strict as a 1sr world country….Well, Fiji has proven that this rumor has some truth!!!

Take a look at Swano’s brave slide mission!


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  • hipcop

    OH WOW!!! Hope you had many cocktails following that nail episode!! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! Was that from the slide?? I loved the title also Bartender/Doctor >>>Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!! Always so beautiful to see Fiji!!

    • admin

      Ohyes..He had many!

  • admin

    Yes, I did have a few cocktails before…and a few more afterwards. The finger nail injury was paint from the slide & yes, the staff wears many hats here….good on them! Since then, I have went down many more times though Rhonda & Hanalei refuse to go down. The Secret is laying down and turning the butt to 90 degree angle for the last turn.

    Bula from Fiji…Brian Swano

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