The Choices We Make Effect Our Children “Day 15 & 16 of Unstoppable Road Tripping”

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Happy Thankful Thursday!

Kids are so aware of the choices we make…

This morning Brian and I were talking with Hanalei on the phone and she said something that completely blew me away, and realize how much she watches and understands the choices we have make.

We were talking to her and she was telling us how much fun she was having with my parents and what they were going to do today.

Then she said something that made my eyes tear up and give gratitude for the choices we made before she was born, to be the primary influence in her life and to work from home.

This is what she said….

“Mamma, I want you to know how much I love you, how much I really love you”. ( that alone will make any parents drop a few big tears, but thats not it)

She said, “Mamma and Daddy, I know how much you love me, you know how I know”?

“No, how do you know Hanalei”?

“I know that you and Dad love me 151 million % ( she actually used those numbers) because you wanted to be home with me, and you found a way to do that with your business, thats how I know how much you love me, because you want to be with me everyday and you didn’t want to put me in that kids place during the day”

She said that…

Our Children Are Always Watching

This made me think about how aware our kids are to the choices we make everyday.

Being home is part of my values for my family and being able to stay home with Hanalei and still work was my ultimate vision for my family and I am so grateful and thankful for that 1 choice.

Having a child has made me so aware of the actions I take, and the choices I make everyday. What we do molds their foundation and creates their inner confidence and values in themselves.

Feeling blessed today.

What about you…has this ever happened to you with your child?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.


Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Brian & Rhonda Swan


We invite you to see the choice we made that has allowed us to be home with our little girl.

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  • DonnaVail

    Such a beautiful share! Its truly amazing and what really matters in life. Our children see and feel everything we do and say. I’ve had the priveledge to hear a lot of children talk about what their parents do. We can’t get away with anything. It all translates into how we are loving them. All the more reason to create the lifestyle of true freedom. Thank you for blazing the trail!

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