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Surf Smack

Many people talk “smack” but how many actually qualify to offer such mental mind jarring dialogue?  Well, there is one person that I am gong to promote as a QUALIFIED SURF SMACK TALKER…what is his name you might ask?  No-one else but my husband…Mr. Swano!

Now I didn’t say he qualified for TALKING SMACK….because he does that on a daily basis…..but he does qualify for TALKING SURF SMACK!  Swano, as many would call him is a bonifide Surf Addict and very dedicated to his disease.  In fact…if he is not able to surf for more than 2-3 days the withdrawl symptoms start popping up.  Symptoms such as, agitation, light headed, dry mouth, annoying to name a few.

So with that being said, Mr. Swano is truly qualified to TALK SURF SMACK.  We started our journey around the world 20 months ago and set sail to surf the worlds best waves…and so far we have done pretty good.  From Sunset, to Hanalei Bay to Puerto Escondito, Playa Negra, Uluwatu, Bingins, Hideaway’s, Frigette’s and  Cloudbreak, Mr. Swano has earned his metals and a few scars along the way…and that’s a whole new conversation.

With all of this surf experience and life experience to go along with it, Swano decided to share a bit out of his head while surfing…(let me just say I warned you).

S what does a surfer think about while they are in the water…ready to drop into a death defying wave?  Well Swano decided to show everyone with “Swano’s Surf Smack”.

Enjoy the first few episodes and get ready for more to come!!

Episode #1


Episode #2


Episode #3


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