Swano snapping Ross’ 8’0″ gun in 12-18ft surf @ Sunset Beach…

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I have to start off by sending my condolences to Ross & most importantly, his T&C 8’0″ Gun…which is now in surfboard heaven.  This was one heck of day (Feb 21, 2010) at Sunset Beach in which the waves were breaking in the double to triple overhead range (12-18ft on the face of the wave) with nice trade winds blowing.  Sunset Beach is a powerful right hand break on the famous North Shore.  To get a real feel for what the wave is like….check out Surfline’s write up http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/sunset-hawaii_4746/travel/.   After I enjoyed a couple thick waves from the North Peak all the way to the Sunset Bowl, I decided to grab a bombing left off the famous West Peak.  The first left I caught successfully all the way to the shallow area where Backyards starts…the next was a Superman launch in the 15ft face range which is what ended the life of Ross’ board.  All in all…one Hell of a Session!  Ross, you have a new stick on the way.  Aloha to All!


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