How To Detach From The 9-5 Grind

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The most important element to success….detach yourself. So what do we mean by detaching yourself? You must break away from computer…or go off the Grid!

This is how we detach from the 9-5 grind.

Detach From the 9-5 Grind

Even though we are celebrating our 6th year anniversary this November 25, 2014 as the Unstoppable Family for
traveling the World non-stop….. we still have to remind ourselves to “get away from the Computer”.

Here’s a video we shot our our weekend getaway at our friend’s resort:

De la Luna ~ Organic Sustainable Living Resort

Now that may seem a bit illogical though it is crucial if you’re attempting
to sell a lifestyle if you’re behind the computer for 8 to 12 hours / day.

The #1 reason most people get started online…..TIME

  • Time to be with your Family / Kids
  • Time to be with your Friends
  • Time to spend on the things you Love / are “Passionate” about
  • Time to spend on your Health
  • Time to spend on “Things that make a Difference in the World”
  • The list can go On & On….you fill in the blanks


Cheers from our Unstoppable Family to yours….

Brian, Rhonda & Hanalei Swan


P.S.  Enjoy our Freedom-preneur Training Series:
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  • Stephen Moody

    This came at such a perfect time for me, thank you. Being the no-stop person that I am, building 2 businesses and getting out of one, I needed to detach and immediately after reading this I did. The best thing I have done in a very long time. Thank you 🙂

    • Brian Swan

      Nice, @stephen_moody:disqus ….. we all need a bit of reminding to get away from the computer. Now, that I’m typing this….I’m closing down the computer and jumping into the Caribbean Sea now

      • Stephen Moody

        Enjoy…like I know you will 🙂 Give the family a bear hug and love.

        • Brian Swan

          You got it, amigo. BTW….love the Las Vegas Mastermind logo….it rules 🙂

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