Simplify Your Life to 3 bags, 2 backpacks a surfboard and a bike

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Back in San Diego we were all about the material things- the houses and the nice cars… but since we’ve been travelling around the world we’ve managed to fit our entire lives into three bags and two backpacks along with a bike and a surf board.

And now we’ve downsized our possessions and simplified our lives we’re happier than ever because we’re out in the world seeing and doing things that most people only dream of. We can appreciate the simple things in life instead of buying material things to fill an empty void.

In the western world we live in a society where we ‘want’ all the time. We see advertising, trends and fashion and think that we need to buy these things to complete our lives. In fact we’re often buying material possessions to fill a gap in our lives.

Travelling makes your realise how irrelevant that all is- when you come to the end of your life you won’t remember what car you had or what mobile phone you used, but what you did, where you went and the people you met.

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