Shopping for a Gun on the North Shore…again!

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After breaking 3 Guns (surfboard term for a big wave board) in 30 days on the North Shore, it was time to pick up a used 7’10” board from Liam McNamara’s surfboard shop in Shark’s Cove on the North Shore. I was making a rush up to the North Shore just before sunset, since there was a nice double to triple overhead swell (12 – 18 foot faces) running. With limited time before sunset, I was able to stop in and pick up a used gun from Mike Bahrou, who you see in the video. I met Mike last year about this time @ Liam’s shop when I brought in my wedding gun for repair. Mike, thank you for the great and speedy service…was a able to grab a couple solid ones just before dark in some large Sunset Beach. A big Mahalo to you! Cheers, Brian

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  • Michael Bahrou

    Great little video Brian. Iphone is great for many things.(ie. the earpiece displayed in right ear throughtout) Your youtube “commercial” for our shop shows just how much we really do stuff i Thanks for that by the way. Mahalo Brian and talk soon

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