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Unstoppable Family on Bikes in San Diego

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Now that the summer is over I feel like I need a vacation!!

We spent June-August on the road…literally on the road traveling around the USA visiting friends, family and seeing things we forgot were so amazing in the US.

As rewarding as road tripping can be, it was also a bit exhausting.

We were visiting new people and new places about every week, living out of a suitcase (We may travel alot, but we also unpack our bags for 4-6 months at a time) eating and working on the road. Yes, we were still running our business during all this mayhem..but I found a new love for Iphone Tethering! Road Trip and WiFi! Amazing, it also created some funny mobile business videos (like this one)

Everyone we saw put on their best “Welcoming Party” for us. Food, Drinks.. you name it, the red carpet was rolled out for us everywhere we went, and we love our friends for it.

But, I knew when Hanalei was ready to settle down and “was over it” in her words when she asked me “Mom, does this country have airplanes, I am over the car!” And I was over it too, but the universe took heed and yet another amazing friend came to the rescue.

When we arrived in Las Vegas to set up a hub for our National Park adventures we stayed with a great friend, Brian Bertram and his family for a few days, and after a few days I seriously had a mini melt down (maybe not a mini….more like a biggie!) right at the dinner table, and of course as great friends would do, poured me a fabulous glass of wine (he has ultra fabulous wine!) and proceeded to invite us to stay in their additional home on the golf course at the Red Rock Country Club for 2 weeks so we could be settled and regroup.

Yes, that happened I am eternally grateful for their generosity. It was a well needed STOP…and you all know what we think about STOPPING but we got so much accomplished while we were there, and had the chance to connect with Victoria Brewood our media manager and get our program started. We spent a few days filming and masterminding the best way to present the program so that people can see what our mission is for Traveling with a Purpose.

The project is really taking shape and we have been very busy with interviews and spreading the word to everyone we meet, and as a result I have been asked to speak on a number of stages to share our story and invite people to be part of this project.

Which lead us to San Diego. The stop in our old stopping ground was intended to be a short one before we went back to Bali, Indonesia.

But with the project rolling out the way it is, and the need for me to be on interviews and speaking at events, we decided to stick around until January and really get things moving! Its a much easier flight around the US to go to an event than from Bali or Europe.

So the decision was made and we are so happy to be back and living on the beach where Brian and I met 14 years ago.

Hanalei started school Tuesday at the Crown Point Music Academy and she was quit happy to have the primary language English but her spanish will come in handy with some of the kids at school. We also get to ride our bikes everyday around the bay to school, which makes her feel like she is back on the islands, where our only form of transportation was foot, a bike or a scooter most of the time.

So life is back to “normal” so to speak and the UNSTOPPABLE FAMILY is happier than ever:) Awaiting our next adventure…

If you would like to help us spread the word or participate in our “Traveling with a Purpose Project, you can go to and purchase an UF T-shirt or purchase one of our education programs and share the story with everyone you know, by adding our website to your facebook page or talking about it.

Our mission is to inspire others to start Living and Giving!

Love to you all!!

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