Peruvian Style Cooking from our Personal Chef Abey Baby!

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Brian Swan and Abey Baby

Abey Baby (AKA Abraham Betencourth)  is a great friend of ours that moved from San Diego to Peru to be a chef.  He left SD 1.5 years ago, to fullfiill his dream of learning how to create Peruvian dishes so that he can bring them back to San Diego, where he wants to open a restaurant.  Since I am not known for my wonderful cooking we hired him for the 3 weeks that we are in Lima to keep us well fed!! We also get to taste out all the new dishes Abe is working on.

Chef Abey Baby

With us being on the 4 Hour Body diet, it has been a bit challenging for Abe, but he is making it happen. So far we have had Ceviche, Taco’s, Chicken Fajitas, Soups all Peruvian style!  Since I love HOT stuff so much he is making me fresh Aji Amarillo sauce. Fresh Aji peppers blended into perfection of taste and heat!

Rhonda and Abey Baby

Having Abe here is also a great way to re connect with our old memories.   Its been 31 months since we left San Diego, so if feels great to hang with your old buds again.  We have also been making group SKYPE calls back to say hey from Peru!  Traveling has its amazing benefits, but it can never replace your old friends.


Peruvian Style cooking

Chef Abey Baby at work in the kitchen

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  • Lisa Wood

    Oh wow – a cook in the house! I so would love to hire a cook 🙂 With your 4 hour Body Diet, does that mean you have to eat protein every four hours? Not sure what I would do, because I am mostly vegetarian…I eat chicken sometimes, and a little bit of fish. I can not handle and red meat 🙂
    Gee those dishes look so yummy. I love salads and spicey dishes. I cook because I have to, but I dont enjoy it…love the idea of a personal chef!

  • Rhonda

    Hey Lisa,

    The 4 Hour body does give vegetarian options, but eating meat protein is definitely easier. If you havn’t checked the book out, I recommend it. Lots of good stuff.

    Thanks for the comment,

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