Our Typical Afternoon in Brasil: Oysters on the Beach!

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Here is a video of our typical afternoon here in Brasil. We hang out at the beach, have a little lunch, and Brian enjoys a cerveja with oysters from the “Chico da Ostra”. The oyster dude comes and sits next to you with his bucket of oysters and shucks them for you. All of the Oysters guys here on the beach in Pipa, Brasil call their Oysters, “Viagra eNatural”.

Oysters on the Beach in Brasil

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  • Lisa Wood

    What a great way to relax in the sun, and enjoy the best oysters in the world!


    • Brian & Rhonda Swan

      Lisa & family, if your motorhome can drive across the Pacific and over here to Brasil….we will treat you to a Baker’s dozen of Oysters!

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