Memories of The Day I Made A Commitment To My Future Daughter: Jan 3, 2005

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Hanalei Puerto Rico


“I remember the day and the moment that I locked myself in my office after an hour commute home in traffic leaving my corporate job in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Brian Swan was already home but in his office eating at his desk ( that is what we did back then)  I came in said hi and went into my office, sat down to finish my day, inputing everything I did for the day at work.

I remember the hollow feeling inside my stomach and heart. Here I was, 32 years old, I had my Masters degree, a 6 figure paying job, company car, 5 bedroom home on the hill, insurance, IRA’s…yet I was totally unfulfilled. 

I sat there and started to cry, and all these questions kept popping up in my mind.

“Is this what my life is going to be like forever”? I thought.

“I want to have a family, how would I spend time with a new child if I work like this everyday”?


” Is this how much time I am going to spend with my new husband for the rest of our lives”? 


Then, I had a spark…something hit me.  I locked the door of my office, and typed “Work at Home Mom”.   Even the fact that I was thinking about it freaked me out and went agains everything I had learned growing up.  

“Go to school, Get a high paying job with insurance, Have a company car and benefits” is what kept ringing in my head.

But there has to be a better life…I thought. 

As the search results came up on the screen….my heart started to race and I decided to click on one the said….

“Executive Level Pay, Working From Home.  Ideal for Mom’s that are used to making their own money but want to be home with their kids”
(No joke…this was the ad)

That night I made a decision..I will have a life of freedom, the choice of where to live, when to travel and be home for a child and a family.


That night is when I started to live.

I am blessed.



Brian and Rhonda island Hopping

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  • Carpel,Jean-gerard Virginio

    Dear Rhonda.
    I was and still am exited by reading you on facebook.I always know there is something outhere for me to do and be free while I will be doing it by that I mean enjoy life to the fullest.I got so many dreams that ten lives will not be enougth.I read your husband blog,and Ortega Jr too.
    I do not have no doubt taht you have fud that ” thing”.That “thing”,I want it and I need it.I also
    realise that you want to share it.So please,help me get to it.I am asking you and your husband.
    Cause,while I was being good at a “good worker” at doing something I was not interested in the world as pasme by …I am going to need some serious coaching from you guys.Right now I am pulling all and every little resources to buy the parkage,I only hope to be ready before you put the price back up.In the nid time.I wnat you to know that I Carpel JGV want to be unstoppable.
    You can contact me any time,by e-mail or by phone.
    Salut a tout le monde.

    • Rhonda

      JEan Gerard, How did I miss this comment from you? How can I assist you?

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