How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

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Are you growing a business this year?

If so, you’ve probably read a lot of books and articles that will tell you how to reach more people. There are entire companies that say they have the answers of how you can get your business on the map. I want to tell you that there is more than one way to get your name out there and to have your best year yet.

tribeBuild an Unstoppable Tribe

Seth Godin is a marketing speaker that talks about the concept of building a tribe. His idea is that all you need is a small group of people to believe in you.

This group of people become your tribe and you their leader. When people support you, they tell the world about what you are doing and your cause. A tribe takes your message to the world without selling.

Find Someone That Will Believe in You 

That is why we host the Unstoppable Masterminds every 3 months, because entrepreneurialism  or Freedom-Preneuring ( as we like to call it) is not always easy and to have your best year yet you have to seek out those that believe in you and want you to succeed. 


The Veil Has Been Pulled Back on Consumers

 The general public is more aware of impersonal marketing tactics than ever before. All of us are tired of watching commercials that assume we are in need of the service or product. People have the ability to go online and search for whatever they are looking for. Standing out in 2015 looks very different than it did 10 years ago, so connect with your customers rather than sell them.

If you noticed more BIG BRANDS are telling stories with their ads and using more relatable characters so their audience feels connected and safe when watching and making a decision to choose.  We call it know, like and trust…and without this equation you will lose your customers attention and in the end lose the sale.


People Follow People They Can Believe in 

You don’t have to get a big company to recognize you. It takes building a following. People follow people that they can

believeidentify with. They want your story. They don’t want sterile information pushed in their face. You will get recognized this year because of who you are. 

When branding yourself, be who you are. I’m not saying to ignore what people want, by any stretch of the imagination. All I’m saying is that they want you to be you. Build your brand on who you are, an people will follow.   No-one wants to work with someone that they don’t resonate with anyway, can you imagine finding 10,000 people just like you that like what you like, and want what you have to offer because they are like you? That is how you will have your Best Year Yet in 2015 as a business owner.


Become a Storyteller to Your Audience

Hero Jpourney 3-DThey want a real person that doesn’t look like a fixed up model. They want to see you in all your mess and glory. Want to know why? Because they just can’t believe the lies anymore that you have to look a certain way or always have it together to have a good life.  

This year, you can get your brand out there before people in 2015 by telling your story or your”Hero’s Journey as I like to Call it.  You have a story to tell and there is a group of people that want to hear it on Facebook, you tube and on your personal blogs.  

Blog’s are one of the first places you should begin to tell your story.  

Why a blog?  

A blog is one of the simplest platforms to not only write your personal story but its the best way to start connecting with your audience with information they want to read and are engaged with.  If you don’t have a blog you can get the newest version of word press called Kalatu here

I will be releasing my new book “The Super Hero’s Journey”  very soon to the world so that more people can benefit from your stories and learn how to live a “Super Hero’s Journey” and tell the story your audience wants to hear. Get a sneak peak of “The Super Hero’s Journey” with this E-Book version, download now.  

Please leave a comment below of your thoughts.  

I am excited to see your progress in 2015, feel free to leave a comment below with your top 3 goals for making 2015 your best year yet!


Rhonda & Brian Swan


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  • Paul MacInnis

    Amazing tips in here, guys!! Can’t wait to hear more of your wisdom in Vegas!!! So excited!!!

    • Unstoppable Family

      Yes we will have so much more amazing stuff to share!
      So glad your coming

  • Elora

    I enjoyed this post, Rhonda. I totally agree with you, that everyone is tired of the robotic “let me serve you what you definitely need” approach. I’m always asking myself if I’m being perfectly natural, and honest. I hate impersonal plugging, when it’s coming from myself (I’d hate it with others if I wasn’t so good at ignoring it), so I’m always wondering if I’m doing it in a warm, natural way. I’m just beginning with the Ipas2, and I’m giving a lot of time to it, learning along the way.

    “Your life is your message.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    • Unstoppable Family

      Keep at it Elora you will figure it out! I think you will get a lot from my E-book Super Hero’s Journey you can find on the post. I just added it.

  • melissa

    what a great post. a great message with a great delivery. thank you for sharing. and for being you : )

  • Stephen Moody

    Rhonda, love Kevin Spacey and House of Cards. The message here of building a Tribe is one of the greatest lessons I have learned from The Unstoppable Family. So grateful for you sharing this post as a reminder 🙂

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