Join ME and 21 Female Entrepreneurs and Millionaires for the “Feminine Dream Maker Video Summit”

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Feminine Dream Makers

Feminine Dream Makers

Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

Thought of  having complete control of your personal and financial freedom?


Did something stop you from moving forward toward that dream?


Not sure where to start?    Is the fear of making a change holding you back


What would it be like to have a marathon of incredible success stories 14 days in a row?


Would that inspire you to make happen in YOUR life?


 Join 21 Female Entrepreneurs and Millionaires, including people such as Kim Kiyosaki (the author of “Rich Woman”)

and myself as we inspire you to create the life of your dreams – through the industry of network marketing.

Yes…….network marketing!

Want to know how?

Then click the link below to get access to these amazing interviews….

Register Here

And hear about how we had a crystal clear vision, decided to take ACTION, and change our lives forever.

What phenomenal contribution can you be to your family and to the planet when you are living a life by YOUR design?


I’ll be speaking at the Feminine Dream Maker video summit, April 17 – May 1, 2013.


CLICK HERE  to sign up for this amazing program.




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  • Vera

    Hi Rhonda,
    I love your work and I am thoroughly impressed with your level of service towards women. I think that your work values are a perfect match with an all-women’s community that we inspire. We empower women to be free and prosperous through unity effort. I’m looking for other powerful feminine woman, like you, to participate on the virtual summit that I’m hosting. I would like to interview you! Do you do interviews? I would love to hear from you! My email:
    Vera Menezes

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