Interview with Legendary surfboard shaper on the North Shore, JC, of JC Surfboards!

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Yesterday at the Sugar Mill on the North Shore, I stopped by JC Surfboards (John Carper) to check out some of his new boards, get a broken board reapaired…and also captured a quick interview with the legendary Shaper of 30 years!  In my quick (and 1st) interview with JC ….he discusses his shop and his history at the Sugar Mill on the most famous of all surfing places in the world…the North Shore.  I got to take a quick peak of his shop and his shaping room…and also just shot the shit with him for awhile.

JC has shaped boards for elite team riders which include Shane Dorian and big wave hellmen Mike Parsons and Peter Mel.


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  • steve wible

    hey there john….. long time no see. costa all-yr reunion is july 24. how`s paradise? i`ve been talkin with sparky alot, you ever see him? he`s apparently retired now. how you been? i see you have some great legendary riders. congrats! i`m still ridin 9-6 nose riders. i was ridin slicks, but now a tyler. i keep thinking to send you an e-mail about this car i bought. i comes close to your ROLLS-CANARDLY(CAN HARDLY). THIS ONE JUST CANT. i saw the interview you did, you`re lookin good. keep in touch. steve wible cowabunga

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