Heavenly Mountain Restaurant Sold $21,000 of Food in 1 Hour

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Who says the economy is down and no-one is spending?  Heavenly Mountain proved that last Saturday when we were told by the restaurant manager that they sold over $21,ooo worth of food in 1 hour!   What this proves to me is that people may not be spending money on everything, but they are spending money on the things they love to do, and on great value.   Lesson learned: Offer great value, prove transformation and a product, or service that people love, and they will buy from you…over and over again!  (I call them customers for life.)

This is why I started the “Unstoppable Branding Experience” Workshop earlier last year, I was seeing so many businesses and individuals marketing their products or their company’s products without really understanding the value or the transformation they could provide to their customer.  I see so many marketers only tell the facts about the product instead of the transformation or sharing their story of how the product or service improved their life.   We dig deep into this topic in my 4 week workshop and everyone leaves with a clear understanding of their brand, their core message and their value, and because I love for people to leave happy and spread the word of our workshop, everyone leaves with a custom website branded to them so they can begin sharing their true self…and in return sell their products because of the value and the transformation they share.

Join us for our next workshop and mention this post and I will give you a coupon for $100 off.


“Rhonda Swan has been in the Direct Sales Industry for 8 years. She has coached thousands of people how to take their business and life to the next level through brand identification and Attraction Marketing.  Her brand “The Unstoppable Family ” is recognized all over the world in person and through the Internet, and is identified with not only success but service”


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