“Happy Labor Day” to the USA.

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imagesToday, Americans will be celebrating a Federal Holiday and an important time in American history…

Labor Day-a tribute to contributions made by American workers for the growth and development of the country.


*Labor Day is a day off for many people.

*It’s a paid day off.

*It’s a workday where labor is not required…

*Now this isn’t true for everyone.


There will be open restaurants with a working staff, and open stores with a working staff, and there are countless undocumented workers for whom Labor Day is no different..

and then, there is “The Entrepreneur”.

As Entrepreneurs, we understand the vital roles that employees play in the success of our ventures. Whether it’s one person or one hundred people, workers are often the biggest investment entrepreneurs and business owners make to help grow their enterprise.

But what about the Online Entrepreneurs?

Watch this video Now on how the system works

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.41.33 AM

Do you take time off? Are you paid if you don’t work?

As “Marx” teaches us, time is the ultimate commodity.

As I see it most traditional entrepreneurs work more than anyone on the planet…and these days give up more time than the average worker.

Online Entrepreneurs on the other hand work from home, and use a system that allows their business to work…even when they are not working.

So if you’re observing the holiday weekend, make the most of it….especially if this is your day off…if you are an online entrepreneur and enjoy the luxury of an automated system…( I say still do a little work) but then enjoy the weekend.

Labor Day was created to honor our labor workers…whether you work for someone or yourself..

Therefore we are all meant to enjoy the day!

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.43.57 AM

As many of you may know, our Family

has been traveling around the World for

almost 5 Years now…and it would not


be possible without our automated system

working with for us 24/7 while we are

out & about….enjoying Life!!!


Work from No Home 3

Cheers from the Unstoppable Family in Germany…

Brian, Rhonda & Hanalei Swan


P.S. You cannot think your way into a new

way of Action – You must act your way into

a new way of thinking – LOVE that.


Act Here <— and let’s get YOU living the life!


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