Happy FAT Tuesday from Carnival

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Wow, Carnival’s over, and whilst we had an absolutely incredible week, our bodies could do with a break and a vacation!

Here’s a video from Fat Tuesday, the last day of carnival. We partied hard and the entire town hadn’t slept for about a week! People were dropping like flies…. in the video you can see someone passed out on the bouncy castle. Another one bites the dust!

Another One Bites The Dust

Swano fought the Diablos and got whipped, I did some cage dancing, and Hanalei had fun with her girlfriends. All the different beer sellers had their own sound systems with music blaring out, and Swano was loving the meat sticks!

Rhonda Swan Cage Dancing Bocas Del Toro

Brian Swan and street food seller at Bocas Del Toro Carnival

For anyone who’s thinking of going to Bocas Del Toro, you must experience the festival of Carnival; there’s an electric atmosphere, colourful costumes, live music, DJs, bouncy castles and plenty of beer. We ended Fat Tuesday with a bang.

Hanalei and local kids in the street at Bocas Del Toro Carnival 2011

Our daughter is meeting kids from all over the world, and has seen more than some adults do in their lifetime.

Go out today and just LIVE!

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  • Bjorn Karlman

    I loved the video with all the competing sound systems! Sounded like major holidays in the small towns I grew up close to in the Philippines. What kinds of precautions do you guys take with eating the food from street vendors? I am always uber strict when I arrive somewhere and then I get progressively more lax as I see more and more good food! Those skewers looked awesome!

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