Hanalei Gets Her First Bike for Christmas!

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Just take a look at our daughter’s face as she wakes up on Christmas morning to find a shiny new bike! Looks like Santa knew we were in Panama!!

When I decided to quit my corporate job, I made a vow that I would never put my little girl through daycare. By traveling the world and working a mobile business, we get to see our daughter every day and have been there for every important moment of her life, including riding her first bike.

Even though we are traveling the world and visiting different countries, no matter where we are Hanalei still gets to experience all those important childhood moments. Our little world traveller adjusts so well to new cultures, and for her, a plane ride is the equivalent of jumping in a taxi. She loves meeting new kids and learning languages, and is never fearful of going to a new school.

Hanalei Swan gets her first Bike for Christmas in Panama

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  • Shawna

    Hanalei was shocked in that video LOL! Your daughter is probably the cutest little girl on the planet, and makes me actually want to have a child of my own! I admire the barriers that you guys continually break in your quest to show the world that living outside the box can be normal and fun. Life is good when you follow your passions and step out of that comfort zone! I am following you guys, and enjoying every minute of it. Happy New Year Untoppable Family!
    “your NOW creates your LATER” -Shawna Fields

  • Peter

    Your blog really lets us in on the Unstoppable Family’s life and lifestyle. When I built my daughter’s first bike and gave it to her on her fifth birthday, I told my brother that I had built my first bike. My daughter, overhearing this comment by me, exclaimed, “No, daddy, it’s MY first bike.” These are wonderful moments in all of our lives. That yours are in such exotic places, and I am glad to have shared some of those moments with you all over the past two years, make them even better. Thank you Unstoppables!

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