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Are you Living a L.I.E?   

We are….we are living a Location Independent Lifestyle we call the “Freedom-Preneur” movement

Life as we know it is arranged completely backward!

We blow our years of youth and health laboring to create a retirement – if we even achieve it – then, if we do; we no longer have the health or ability to enjoy it. Its lunacy at its finest!

At least…that’s how it was!

There’s a movement underway.

It’s a quiet subtle movement – just in the very beginning stages – that’s completely redefining the notion of “normal.”

This movement is being led by unsatisfied people, People who are fed-up.

  • Fed up with someone else being in control of their lives
  • Fed up with lack of personal freedom
  • Fed up with a lack of choice over how their lives are spent

These pioneers aren’t afraid to plant their flag and claim 100% responsibility for their lives. They understand that the only true security for their family is the security they create.

These pioneers are aware of the “new rules” for creating wealth. But the difference between these folks and their predecessors is they create wealth with a purpose.

The objective is not to simply amass a fortune to be stored up.

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They only see wealth as a tool or a means to their passion, which is to design their life around their true purpose. Instead of work being the central focus of their lives, leaving passions and play to survive only on the leftover scraps of time, they play by this new set of rules.

They’ve flipped the age old paradigm of grinding away for decades; delaying the pursuit of their passions until the final season in life – the illusive retirement that many never see – to actually blending “retirement” into everyday life!

Their passion, or purpose for being, is the central core of their lives and work is merely organized around that.

Enter the “Freedom Prenuers”

These adventurists are part of a new subculture called “Freedom-Prenures” They parlay technology into time and mobility freedom and break the bonds that would otherwise bind them to a single location.

Just as they re-engineer how their lives are spent, so too is the way in which their business is run.

Simplification, automation, elimination of waste and duplication so rampant in traditional operations are the framework. They automate the process of making money online, work from home or any other location they choose.

These freedom junkies thrive on life’s experiences. They have an insatiable desire to create a life according to their own priorities rather than fitting it into someone else’s.

They’re willing to pay any price so that their families will not have to live with the legacy of a heaping pile of unfulfilled dreams and “somedays” – a scant treasure chest completely lacking any rich and meaningful experiences.

“Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.” ~ Tim Ferris

How about you? What’s your retirement strategy? What are your true passions?

Who are you?

I’m not talking about what you do for a living. I’m talking about, what it is you would do if there were no limitations and no consequences.

What’s your plan for accomplishing it? Are you content slaving away to build someone else’s dream, or do you know you’re meant for something more? Something better.

Are you content with the status quo as it relates to building wealth, security, accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your dreams? If so that’s great!

If not, perhaps you have a little Freedom Prenuer in you!


I want to give a big shout-out to one of our amazing Freedom-Preneurs, Doug Van Nuys
or writing and creating this amazing blog post for you and our Tribe.


You can connect with Doug and our entire Freedom-Preneur Tribe in our private, Facebook group <<<  Get access today  >>>>

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