Emotional Excellence in Action: Rhonda is Interviewed on Myei5

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The Unstoppable Family was recently featured on Myei5, and this time it was Rhonda’s turn to be interviewed…about how she rocks and rolls her way to the top with Emotional Intelligence!

Rhonda Interviewed on Myei5 about Emotional Intelligence

Only a couple of weeks ago we were interviewed about our story on Myei5, a blog featuring emotional intelligence articles. The emotional intelligence test measures five dimensions of behavior- empathy, self-control, sensitivity, friendliness and externalisation.

The article discussed our life as a family, and our transition from the corporate rat-race into The Unstoppable Family. This time you get to learn a bit more about me (Rhonda) as an individual, in a post entitled “Rhonda Swan Rebels, Rocks and Rolls Her Way to Unstoppable Results with Emotional Intelligence”.

[quote]The Unstoppable Family creates Unstoppable success that is backed with Unstoppable love.  This is easy to see. There is still more to be learned and we did not want the readers to miss out on the opportunity to get to know them as a family and as individuals.  Keep reading and get into the heart and head of the incredibly inspiring Rhonda Swan[/quote]

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Mandy Love wrote a wonderful write up about me and I feel truly honoured. You can read it here. The article concludes:

[quote]We love the way that this balanced leader of self and others exhibits all five of the factors for Emotional Intelligence, all with graceful humility for what it really takes, as the entire path is not always “sexy.”  She recalls her inspiration of Michael Jordan talking about all of the shots he has missed and games he has blown, and that is why he succeeds.  Rhonda has taken shot after shot and with an attitude of gratitude and unwavering faith in her vision for her family and the world, she too, succeeds.[/quote]
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