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As you know, the Unstoppable Family has branded themselves remarkably well over the last 4 years on our journey around the world. We have learned quite a few things about the world and navigating it. In learning what we have, we wanted to free people from the rat race and show them that they could live a life by design starting today and fulfill their greatest desires! Our desire started as the wish to raise our own daughter and keep her in our presence, as we believe that it helps in a child’s development to have the security of their parents in their most formidable years.

There was still something missing though for most to really trust that they could go out in the world and still be able to create value and money. Whether you desire to travel the world or stay where you are, finding the value that you have to offer and then packaging that value to monetize it is life changing. The way that we do this is with a brand, branded image and brand identity! There are a few components to this yet first you will want to know why you need a brand and a bit more about some of the terms involved in branding.


When you have a brand you will know a few important things.


You will know what it is that you have to offer to the world that is unique to you. In that discovery process you begin to see who you are and what is really important to you. This makes the branding process as well as life a bit easier. Once you know what it is that you have to offer, you figure out how it is that you want to offer it. This can be through marketing your own expertise or talent on the internet, marketing someone else’s product that your “gift” relates to or having your own more traditional business selling goods or running a “bricks and mortar” operation.

Regardless of what you are doing, having a brand and knowing how to expose it and relate it to people will allow you the success and liberty that you want. Without your brand and your message it is very difficult to consistently communicate with potential clients, especially if you want to be a master of attraction marketing and allow your message and brand to do the “attraction” of business so that you don’t have to.

If you are looking to distinguish a personal brand, that is a form of packaging yourself and the brand being you, these secrets will be a great jump-start to your success. For us, we are the Unstoppable Family and the expertise and insight we have from breaking away from the “9-5” corporate world, weathering the storm of the financial down turn and successfully traveling the world while raising our daughter, is what we have to offer. We offer that in the form of products and services but the Personal Brand is the Unstoppable Family. As we are now growing our tools, resources and methods that we have to offer to others to be Unstoppable in their own lives, the very word Unstoppable is becoming the brand and becoming a Freedom-preneur is the focus. Are you starting to see the connections?


A brand can encompass many things and it is how customers relate to what you do, but it is not what you do.

We want to think about what people think, feel, perceive, experience and relate with our brand and in this we must consider their life experiences, beliefs and attitudes so that we know how they will receive our brand and related messages. In order to do this we have to know who our client is. This is an important part of branding and we will discuss this in this e-book and if you are ready for the next step, we can work with you on becoming very specific on this very topic in our Branding Workshop and VIP weekend opportunities!

There are many more components to brands and branding and getting specific in the technical realm is important as you grow your brand but we need to figure out what it will be first! Please enjoy this free information to get you thinking and discovering the “core” of your brand! There are six important components and what we call “secrets” that will assist you in launching your brand, your purpose and you newfound love for a free and abundant life! Join us on the journey to being a Freedom-preneur by first discovering what you have to offer the world and how to apply it, the rest will come easily!

Unstoppable Branding SecretsStill confused on how to brand yourself?

Understanding your Personal Brand, Core Message and how to share it with the world through print and video is your most powerful asset.

I have created a 4 week LIVE interactive workshop that helps you breakthrough those challenges that have been holding you back.

What You Will Learn and Master In My 4 Week Branding Experience Workshop.

* Power of Your Voice & Crafting Your Story

* Identifying Your Target Customers

* Video Content Structure & Call To Action

* Developing Your Brand Identity

Next Workshop Begins:
**Wednesday Nov. 6th, 2013 at 12pm EST**

Space is Limited to 20 students. ( 4 spots open currently)

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I look forward to helping you GET BRANDED!

Rhonda Swan ( AKA ” Branding Queen)


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