Day 8 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” [Facebook Search Graph]

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Since Facebook has become our “virtual office” or “water Cooler” it makes sense to share the new “Graph Search” feature as part of Day 8 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” 


Updated with official info from Facebook.

Facebook will launch its upgraded search engine Today.

Originally announced in January 2013 and dubbed Graph Search, the new search engine lets you search your Facebook social graph for people, places, photos and interests.

With the new search engine, users will be able to ask specific questions, such as “which of my friends live in New York?” Graph Search is also integrated with Microsoft’s Bing, meaning it will offer web search results if it can’t find anything useful in your graph. Read more…

The Graph Search update in Facebook will be a real win-win for marketers and Facebook users alike.

When you first use the new Graph Search feature in Facebook, you will immediately notice that it looks and acts a bit different.  But, don’t worry, this will all become more familiar to you as you use it within your own Facebook account.


Can Graph Search Help My Business?

Well, if you are anything like us…you use Facebook everyday to connect, share your thoughts, trainings, VIDEO’s, or anything you do for that matter….then Graph Search will definitely be something for you to start using as a search tool.   You can search out people, groups, posts, etc based on keywords.

It may look a bit different  and feel hared to get used too…but get over it!!

Your Facebooking will be much easier if you do.


As a marketer online “Working From NO Home”  this is a BIG deal for us, because people will be able to search key words you target and find your products or services in the privacy of their little safe zone…FACEBOOK!!


Do We Make Money Using Facebook???

You bet your buns we do….in fact you may be on this post because you saw my link on FB.  Is that right?

We use Facebook to share, relate, and create a KNOW, LIKE & TRUST Relationship with our followers…when people like what you have to share, they want to know more about you and start asking what you do on our blog or they just go to a link we have that shares our business and get started.

That is the luxury of having an online automated system that works for you everyday 24/7!! 

That is also how we can “WORK FROM NO HOME” and travel the world in pure FREEDOM!

If You Are NOT YET earning money everyday online and are interested to learn HOW, then take a look at the links below that will show you how simple it is to start earning hand over foot..

See Our Team Site and Get Started…=>Working From NO Home! NOW


Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


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Brian & Rhonda Swan


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