Day 2 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” [Internet Chaos]

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From Pleasure Point….today’s lesson!


No interner...Alright!

No interner…Alright!

Lessons from Day 2..

Be prepared to Get Pissed off…and expect it!

Be flexible….and “don’t be a Wussy”  (Please don’t tell my wife that I just said that ) 

Be prepared to take your own “Time out”

Make things happen…no matter what cards you’re dealt.

Please add any other comments, lessons, principles or just dumb ass remarks you find appropriate here.

Never forget…


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  • Bret Royster

    Dude! I love that guy! I’ve been studying up on Travel Hacking lately. You guys rock too 😉 Gonna be at the next Mastermind in Denver?

    • Rhonda

      Travel Hacking rules! Thanks Bret..and yes we will absoltuly we there..with Unstoppable Bells on!

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