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We have had a great time in Costa Rica..But it is time to go!!!!

We are heading out to Nicaragua this morning and our buddy Tim Sullivan (AKA..PBR) is meeting us at the border. Now of course we have no idea how this is going to work. I am only imagining us getting to the Nicaragua border with our bags, kid and surf board and looking around for Tim..

Like a stranded orphan family looking for our new parents in another country! I’m sure it will be fine, but my anxiety is present because this is the part of the trip that Swano said” I’m taking care of”, now this is always against my better judgement, not that he can’t do it, he’s just not as thorough as me..(duh!)

For example..I asked him this morning if he had arranged with the rental car company where we should take it, what time we can drop it off, how we were getting to the border..all the obvious questions and he said, I’ll figure it out! Well we leave in an hour and a half…get figuring it out already..

All will be good, I’m confidant of that. It’s just so fun to talk about it!!


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